Aims and Objectives of Al-­Mawrid Australia Limited

  1. The advancement of Islamic religion by presenting and promoting a true understanding of Islam to everyone, solely through information, education and dialogue; using only non-political means.
  2. The advancement of education by seeking all policy guidance from Al-Mawrid Global and to adopt and help in their principle objective i.e. to facilitate and perpetuate explanatory and research work on the true understanding of Islam, to arrange for its publication and mass communication through all possible, non-political, and nonviolent means, and to augment people’s knowledge and education through dissemination; furthermore, reciprocating financially towards their educational and research projects.
  3. The promotion of mutual respect between different religions and various denominations of Islamic faith; solely through information, education and dialogue.
  4. The preservation and protection of the rights of all especially women and children by encouraging awareness and education.
  5. To carry out works and activities for the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution and suffering or misfortune for the benefit of the public, including providing food for the needy, relief of the needs arising from old age and medical aid for public benefit provided that the aid is given directly to those in need on a non-discriminatory basis.
  6. To advance and provide education and conduct schools for such purpose for public benefit provided the entry is not restricted to a particular sector of the community.
  7. To acquire, construct or maintain buildings used by the Al-Mawrid Australia as a school for school purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of Al-Mawrid Australia ’s members and is not restricted to a particular sector of the community.
  8. To acquire, construct or maintain buildings used by Al-Mawrid Australia for providing food to the needy, relieving the needs arising from old age such as companionship and mutual activities, which is not carried on for the profit or gain of the Al-Mawrid Australia’s members.
  9. To provide hostels for the homeless including provisions of hostel accommodations.
  10. To provide disability support services.
  11. In furtherance of the above objects the Al-Mawrid Australia may provide financial and professional help on any humanitarian project inside or outside of Australia.
  12. To subscribe to, become a member of and co-operate with any other association or organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of Al-Mawrid Australia provided that Al-Mawrid Australia shall not subscribe to or support with its funds any association or organisation which does not prohibit the distribution of its income and property among its member to an extent at least as great as that imposed on Al-Mawrid Australia under or by virtue of Clause 6 of this Constitution.
  13. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire and otherwise acquire any lands, buildings, easements or property, real and personal and any rights or privileges which may be requisite for the purposes of, or capable of being conveniently used in connection with, any of the objects of the Al-Mawrid Australia provided that in case Al-Mawrid Australia shall take or hold any property which may be subject to any trusts Al-Mawrid Australia shall only deal with the same in such manner as is allowed by law having regard to such trusts.
  14. To appoint, employ, remove or suspend such managers, clerks, secretaries, servants, workmen and other persons as may be necessary or convenient for the purposes of Al-Mawrid Australia.
  15. To construct, improve, maintain, develop, work, manage, carry out, alter or control any houses, buildings, grounds, works, or conveniences which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to advance Al-Mawrid Australia’s interest, and to contribute to, subsidies or otherwise assist and take part in the construction, improvement, maintenance,  development working, management, carrying out, alteration or control thereof.
  16. To invest and deal with the money of Al-Mawrid Australia not immediately required in such manner as may be permitted by law for the investment of trust funds.
  17. To borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as Al-Mawrid Australia may think fit and to secure the same or the repayment of performance of any debt liability contract guarantee or other engagement incurred or to be entered into by Al-Mawrid Australia in any way and in particular by the issue of debentures perpetual or otherwise charged upon all or any of Al-Mawrid Australias property (both present and future), and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities.
  18. To make, draw, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading and other negotiable or transferable instruments.
  19. In furtherance of the objects of Al-Mawrid Australia to sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property and rights of Al-Mawrid Australia.
  20. To take or make any gift of property whether subject to any special trust or not, for any one or more of the objects of Al-Mawrid Australia but subject always to the Clause 3.
  21. To take such steps by personal or with written appeals, public meetings or otherwise, as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of Al-Mawrid Australia in the shape of donations, annual subscriptions or otherwise.
  22. To print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that Al-Mawrid Australia may think desirable for the promotion of its objects.
  23. To establish and to maintain separate funds, if decided by the Board, to carry out any of the activities satisfying any of the objects.
  24. To make donations for charitable purposes and to non-profit organisations.
  25. To act as trustee and/or manager for any trusts (including charitable trusts) or funds with one or more similar objects.